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Contact Post

I don't really use AIM. If you REALLY need to contact me and absolutely can't use e-mail, try me at Comic Kun. I'm only ever signed in on my phone though so. Fair warning I might ignore it if I can't actually do anything with my phone at the moment.

Otherwise, I recommend emailing me at comicsan at gmail.com. If you're IRC friendly I can be found on any of two networks under the name 'Comic': irc.esper.net and irc.nightstar.net You can just send me PM or something, just mention you're from gauntlet.

Alternately, you can comment to this post! Replies are screened in case of ~sensitive information~ or crit maybe. Will un-screen at request!


Character: Phoenix Wright [AU]
Backdating: Yes, sure.
Threadhopping/jacking: I'm game if you are.
Intimacy (being hugged, kissed, etc.): I can't imagine he'd let himself, considering this isn't his dimension and he has every intention of returning, but I guess we'll see!
Violence (being slapped, kicked, etc.): Anything short of death will probably be okay. Anything that has lasting effects please get a hold of me or I will totally reserve the right to luck out of that.

Things this character is capable of/can do to yours: Phoenix can tell if you're lying... if he tries. It's not entirely automatic but it doesn't take much either, so if he's listening to you and paying attention, bam, he'll notice.

If you're a vampire/ghost/mummy/werewolf/traditional paranormal creature Phoenix can tell unless it is hidden to the point you can pass for a normal human or don't actually have any paranormal abilities. He might not know WHAT you are, just that he can tell you're something.

Additionally, he can 'stun' you by manifesting a psychelock on you. This is basically just a spiritual chain with a lock that ties around you. If he unravels a lie or secret your character has (as long as it's the truth the character believes) it can then shock you. The bigger the secrets your character holds, the more chains and locks-- but the harder it is to use them offensively and shock you. As he has to get to the heart of the matter. The weaker the secret, the weaker the psychelocks (and less of them). If he doesn't know any of your secrets, it's easily broken with a tiny bit of struggling or calling his bluff, thus a 'stun'.

Anything else: Not that I can think of. He doesn't have anything innately wrong with you if he can tell you're a vampire or whatever, unless you're doing something wrong. This is something he's rather proud of and wishes more people were more accepting.


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Phoenix Wright [AU]

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